Case Studies

  1. Revel Systems
  2. Not a Bully
  3. Container Home Hub
  4. Best Boat Report

Revel Systems

Client Description
POS for B2B, primarily restaurants and retail

Project Description
Research and write engaging blog articles relevant to business owners and managers in the retail and restaurant industries.

Project Duration
September 2022 – present

Revel Systems offers a cloud-based point of sale (POS) platform and supporting infrastructure that serves as the central nervous system of a business, primarily the restaurant and retail industries. The system handles everything from transactions to inventory management, reporting, and beyond.

As a content writer at Revel Systems, Coral uses extensive industry research to write articles that place first in Google and build consumer trust with retail and restaurant owners and managers. She identifies topics that are relevant and useful to Revel’s target audience, including information about cloud-based POS systems, online ordering, kitchen management, and customizable technology. She then uses keyword research tools to identify the most relevant keywords and phrases related to each topic.

Coral completes all research, writing, and formatting for the articles. She uses a combination of industry-specific sources, expert interviews, and consumer research to ensure that the content she produces is informative, accurate, and engaging. By staying on top of the latest trends and innovations in the industry, Coral provides readers with the most relevant insights.

Coral’s extensive industry research helps her to position Revel Systems as a thought leader in the retail and restaurant industry. By providing valuable information and insights backed by research and expertise, she builds consumer trust and increases brand recognition for Revel Systems.

Not a Bully

Client Description
Affiliate site promoting a positive image for “bully breeds” and offering advice for owners of these breeds.

Project Description
Deeply research and write engaging blog articles relevant to business owners and managers in the retail and restaurant industries.

Project Duration
January 2021 – April 2022

Coral’s involvement in animal rescue gives her a deep understanding of the challenges that bully breeds face in animal shelters. From public bias and breed-specific legislation to what happens when people get dogs as status symbols, she’s all too aware of the bad rap that bully breeds get and why. That’s why she was proud to write for this site that takes a kinder, more honest perspective on bully breed ownership.

Coral’s experience allows her to dispel common myths and misconceptions about bully breeds that often lead to negative attitudes toward them. She uses her firsthand knowledge to highlight the positive qualities of these dogs and showcase their true nature as loving and loyal companions.

Since she works with these kinds of dogs often, Coral has a lot of insight into training tools and techniques that work well for powerful breeds which she brings to product reviews and how-to guides.

Coral utilized extensive SERP (Search Engine Results Page) research and deep research into academic studies, scientific research, and expert opinions to ensure that the content she produced for Not a Bully was not only the best on the web, but the best on the subject.

Container Home Hub

Client Description
Affiliate site highlighting homes made out of shipping containers and promoting an e-book

Project Description
Write fun and engaging descriptions of shipping container homes using social media posts and photos

Project Duration
July 2021 – present

Container Home Hub is a fun site that showcases the homes people have made out of shipping containers.

Coral researches on social media and in industry sources to write exciting, in-depth articles about container homes. She gathers information on the latest trends and developments in the shipping container home industry. Coral uses this research to write articles that showcase beautiful and innovative shipping container homes, and provides insights on the design and construction process.

In addition to her research, Coral puts in photos and formats the articles to make them visually appealing and engaging. She takes care to include high-quality images of the homes she features, as well as diagrams and floor plans when available, to give readers a better understanding of the design and layout of the homes.

Best Boat Report

Client Description
Affiliate site covering a wide range of topics related to boating, fishing, and life on and around the water

Project Description
Research and create articles that thoroughly answer the questions people are asking about boating

Project Duration
December 2020 – March 2022

Coral draws on her personal experience and extensive topic research to write superb articles for Best Boat Report. Coral spent much of her childhood on a sailing multihull, which gives her a wealth of firsthand knowledge about sailing and living on a boat.

She is able to draw on this personal experience to write informative and engaging articles about sailboats and sailing, as well as general boat and fishing knowledge.

Additionally, Coral conducts extensive research on the other topics covered by the site, such as buying a boat, boat care, boating FAQ, water sports, fishing, towing, and recommended gear, to ensure that her articles are accurate and up-to-date.

By combining her personal experience with her research, Coral is able to provide valuable insights and advice to readers on a variety of boating-related topics.

I will be hiring Coral many times more for future projects!

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