About Marsh Rabbit Media

Justin and Coral have a combined 15 years of experience creating content. They’re excited to bring that knowledge to your next project.

About Coral

Coral has been a professional freelance writer for over six years. She writes for small businesses, SEO companies, affiliate websites, magazines, and much more. She wrote Owning a Paralyzed Dog – The Complete Care Guide and co-wrote The Complete Guide to the Maltese: Choosing, Raising, Training, Socializing, Feeding, and Loving Your New Maltese Puppy.

Coral wandered for a while before finding her way into full-time content writing. Her passion for dogs led to a life working and then writing about them. She managed a dog daycare where she learned how to encourage positive play and mitigate disagreements while multiple different groups of dogs played together.

Volunteering with organizations like Dogs Playing for Life and the Humane Society of North Central Florida gave her insight into managing conflict, matching dogs according to playstyles, and training dogs in groups. She also had to face tough choices when dogs at risk of euthanasia at her local municipal animal shelter struggled with serious behavioral concerns.

Coral worked as the client liaison of integrative, neurologic, and zoo medicine at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital, where she cared for a paralyzed King Charles Cavalier with the help of the talented integrative medicine and neurology teams.

Coral’s educational background is in communications with a specialization in Creative Writing from Dreyfoos High School of the Arts. She further pursued her passion for writing by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in English with Honors, focusing on Creative Writing, and minors in Psychology and Philosophy from Stetson University.

Coral remains a devoted advocate for animal rescue. She volunteers with the dogs least likely to be adopted at her local municipal animal shelter, Alachua County Animal Services, and chronicles her experiences in rescue on her site, Rescue Dog Home.

About Justin

Justin worked at Gleim Publications, Inc. in Gainesville, FL from March 2013 to August 2021. He started out doing line edits and edited XML and HTML code using proprietary editing software. He then worked as an Editor, proofreading all company content, translating technical jargon into accessible knowledge, and reviewing the work of proofreaders.

From April 2017 to August 2021, Justin was Content Supervisor, directly supervising a team of 25+ employees, preparing reports for executives, reviewing data analytics to schedule product releases, and analyzing data to maintain Gleim’s adaptive learning system.

About Us

Justin and Coral met while pursuing their Bachelor’s in English at Stetson University in 2010. They’ve been together ever since. After graduating from college, they traveled to Taiwan for a year to teach English as a Foreign Language to children aged 5 – 18.

They returned to Justin’s hometown, Gainesville Florida, bringing with them the little Maltese dog they’d gotten in Taiwan. Now, they have a captivating baby girl and a career in which they get to stay home with her and follow their passion for writing.

When they’re not busy creating content in their home office, they love playing with their daughter and two dogs, getting creative in the kitchen, and spending as much time as possible in the garden with their overly dependent songbirds.

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